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The Wirral Green Space Alliance has been set up to co-ordinate actions between Wirral’s environmental and community groups. It will enable groups to best advise their members about individual action and also pool resources so that the best course of action to oppose use of GreenBelt can be employed.

What can you do to help?

1. Fill in and return the Council’s Consultation forms to let them know what you think. Implore your friends and neighbours to do the same.

2. Attend Local Plan Consultation meetings - https://www.wirralview.com/news/local-plan-consultation-events-get-underway


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Wirral Council, which has failed since 2004 to produce a statutory 'Local Plan' (saying what can be built where and protecting Wirral's wonderful Green Belt), is blaming everyone but themselves.  Ahead of an Emergency Council Meeting, called to expose and vote upon Wirral's Green Belt Policy, the Council has used further scarce resources to post letters to all householders, repeating misinformation.  In short, it has been the Council's responsibility to produce a statutory Local Plan - it has failed; it appears that it was the Council's and their Consultants' own inflated figures and assumptions which were presented to a Government, understandably losing patience with Wirral's serial failures to produce a Plan (now one of very few English Councils in such a poor position), exposing Green Belt to the unnecessary threat of development and permanent loss.


Whilst all of Wirral's community and environmental groups have now formed an alliance and are working hard to produce a robust and legally-acceptable alternative Approach and Plan, which could preserve our precious Green Belt and direct much-needed redevelopment to Wirral's run-down areas (Birkenhead, Wallasey, New Ferry, etc.), we cannot change the Council's current approach without wider support, starting with a peaceful show of wishes and determination by people standing together in significant number outside Wallasey Town Hall from 5pm on Monday, 10th September for just one hour whilst the Councillors assemble for this significant Meeting.


Such a peaceful show of People Power was highly successful when the same Administration wished to close most of our local Libraries; and it might just convince enough of the ruling Party's Councillors to vote against Green Belt release - all other Parties' Councillors are committed to oppose release and development of Green Belt.  But simply hoping so is unlikely to bring success.  Please don't leave it to others as they may be leaving it to you!!

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